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Congratulations to Desire Drea (TER ID: 262649)! Her first video was a big hit with members. We're sure her followup one will be too. She is traveling this year, so maybe she'll be in your city soon. Oh, and anyone interested in getting their house clean?

TER: Your video was really enjoyed by the members. Did you find it hard to make?

Desire Drea: I especially like the video because I could be vocal. I wanted to connect in a simple unedited way.

TER: Are you working toward an ultimate goal? Or, do you find this work something you want to do in the long-term?

Desire Drea: I have many goals from personal to professional. This work has enabled me to overcome some challenges, of which I am grateful to the business and the great men out there who have been supporters and now I am striving to create a good financial foundation. I see myself in the business for sometime yet since I enjoy the people very much and what I do.

TER: What sort of qualities do you think one needs to possess or cultivate to be successful in this business?

Desire Drea: I don't believe there is one way to do the business, however certain qualities are universally helpful, such as positive attitude, confidence, honesty, open mindedness, work ethic, communication skills, and basic computer skills. I remember freaking out because TER asked me for a screen shot. I didn't know how to do it. Now I know, lol!

TER: Anything you wished you had known when you started?

Desire Drea: Frankly no, I don't have any regrets. I knew very little in some areas and much more in others. Entering the business helped me grow in the areas where I was weaker and I wouldn't change out all the people I've come across and experiences.

TER: Have you ever had second thoughts about this business?

Desire Drea: When I first started out in the industry I had a great deal of anxiety. After some time I relaxed and came to understand there are some terrific people in the business who are ethical, warm and kind individuals.

TER: How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services?

Desire Drea: If the first timer sounds genuine and screens out as safe as can be I would approach them with encouragement and gentle support. Often they are nervous and we all have to start somewhere. They could turn out to be my best client because they aren't jaded yet.

TER: What are your suggestions to clients to make their encounter the most enjoyable?

Desire Drea: What creates the most enjoyable encounter to me is if the client is forthcoming with screening info, they smell good, taste good and Chivalry goes a long way i.e. little thoughtful gifts or actions may charm my pants off.

TER: What characteristics does your ideal man have? (you can even take Leonardo DiCaprio's eyes, George Clooney's hair, David Beckham's ass, etc)

Desire Drea: I once read a quote from the late iconic Mae West (Vaudeville / screen actress) when asked the question "What kind of men do you like: great, big, strong men, intelligent, successful men or handsome, charismatic men?", her answer was point blank "YES! I would probably pick the intelligent, successful one and add to it kind with a sense of humor.".

TER: What body part (of a man) turns you on (before you get all his clothes off)?

Desire Drea: I can't decide, I want it all!

TER: Describe your dream date.

Desire Drea: All dates are unique but a dream date to me would be to break the ice with some dry red wine, Bordeaux being a favorite, working up an appetite before dinner. Going to a lovely quiet dinner seated near the window overlooking the water. All the time flirting and building suspense for the Grande Finale following dinner. A spontaneous twist would be to go to a show or catch some live lounge music or even more adventurous would be to bring in a sexy friend of mine. That would the cherry on top!.

TER: What are your passions outside of this business?

Desire Drea: I'd say food, wine, family, friends, my animals, health, fitness, shopping, music, and comedy.

TER: Does your family and friends know what you do?

Desire Drea: My family does not know about the business. It's not to be shared with all but even though it feels like a bit of a double life I am fortunate to be surrounded with good people who are supportive to me and the industry. I have created a life I'm proud of and at peace with thanks to this business. I respect all of the courageous providers who have done so as well.

TER: What is your favorite type of music?

Desire Drea: I love all genres! It's all over the place with me. I can't pick one! I love the song Temptation by Diana Kraul, Back in Black with ACDC. And other artists, like Depeche Mode, Goo Goo Dolls, Carey Underwood and Love me some Bruno Mars!!!

TER: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Desire Drea: Oh yes!! I love taking a day to go thrift store shopping. Sleeping in with my Furry Friends, and Frozen Yogurt, Coconut flavor with Macaroons! Yummy!!! My dream would be to get a massage every day like Bob Hope did!

TER: What's a typical day like for you?

Desire Drea: There is no typical day in my life. I try to live well and be good to my animals, friends and family. I practice Buddhism and chant every day.

TER: What do you like about living in Las Vegas ?

Desire Drea: I love the lifestyle that living in Vegas offers with flexible hours, late night shopping, tanning, dining etc. Only in Vegas, baby! I also love how close it is to LA, SanDiego, SanFransisco, Arizona, Utah, all just a quick-hour flight!

TER: Describe yourself in three (3) words?

Desire Drea: Fun, Passionate and Sensual!

TER: How do you stay in such good shape?

Desire Drea: Sex, Pilates, Naked House Cleaning and the gym.

TER: Do you travel a lot?

Desire Drea: I will be traveling to major cities this year.

TER: What has been your favorite place to visit so far?

Desire Drea: I love NYC however I truly believe every city here and abroad have people that possess unique and special qualities. That's partly why I love NYC for the diversity of cultures. It's all about connecting with people. Southern men melt my heart, Mid Westerners tickle my Funny Bone, East Coasters charm me with their wit, Italians got me at Hello. And so on...

TER: Where do you want to visit and why?

Desire Drea: I wanna go everywhere! I never know when or where I will meet the Man of My Dreams!

TER: Do you cook? What is your favorite dish to prepare?

Desire Drea: I eat better than I cook. I've been told I make a mean Paleo Fettuccine Alfredo. That's with Kelp noodles and cashews!

TER: What do you do in your free time?

Desire Drea: I cherish my free time! I throw on my sweats, ditch my heels and throw on my Uggs. Maybe go for a random massage, get some sushi or simply stay home and indulge in doing nothing.

TER: What would be your advice to the new providers who are just starting up on TER?

Desire Drea: For new providers I would say take it easy, you will learn as you go. I'm always learning! In time you (the new girl) will find your own rhythm. I encourage girls to become independent. It is extremely empowering. Have fun! The more fun you have, the better you will do!

TER: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently (this does not need to be hobby related). 

Desire Drea: Well this was a blooper for sure! So I was having some dental work done and then right before I'm racing out the door to see my date, my temporary tooth fell out. I was SOL!! I couldn't cancel because very special things were planned! OMG!!! A girl's worst nightmare. Luckily my date was a great guy and very understanding and had an excellent sense of humor. He teased me all night that we were going to a Halloween party. Lol. We bonded over this memorable episode.

TER: Is there anything that you are known for (cooking, singing, mechanical abilities, etc.) within your inner circle?

Desire Drea: I make my friends laugh. I'm a bit of a clown. I do impressions of them and enjoy poking fun at the craziness of life. I learned a long time ago not to take myself too seriously!

TER: Anything else you would like to tell members about yourself?

Desire Drea: I first want to thank each and every person I have met, even briefly, over the past few years in the industry. You have made me a great provider and a better person! If I haven't met you yet I look forward to doing so this year! I never underestimate what magical connection I may have with someone I haven't met yet.

In closing, I want to thank TER for providing the amazing tools and platform to help me develop and flourish into a World Class Escort.

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